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2018 Conference Registration

Registration is now open! Registration for the conference will be done through NEACAC and NYSACAC's websites.

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Conference Registration

Registration is now open for the Super Conference! Because of member pricing, you will register for the conference via the NYSACAC and NEACAC websites. Vendor and Sponsor registration will go through this site and will open early March. 

NYSACAC Conference Registration

NEACAC Conference Registration


Unsure of which link to use?  Email us! superconferencereg@gmail.com

Conference Grant

If it is cost-prohibitive for you to attend the conference, apply for a conference grant today!  Deadline for grant applications is March 23rd.  

New York Conference Grant Application

New England Conference Grant Application


Conference Option

Member Pricing

Non-Member Pricing

Full Residential Attendee



Full Commuter Attendee



One-Day Attendee



Coming Together Pre-Conference



Full Conference & Coming Together Pre-Conference (discounted price)

Residential- $475

Commuter- $400

Residential- $575

Commuter- $500

Middle Management Pre-Conference



Counselor Bus Tours



College Fair

$75, $100 after May 9th

$75, $100 after May 9th


* PLEASE NOTE: All registration costs are subject to a $50 late fee after May 9th.